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Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Dill, Bill, Pluhowski, and Renaud.

01.18.2012 //

This week Mehring posts some photos from an Alien/Habitat trip circa 04.


Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Lost Pat Smith Interview

01.11.2012 //

Back in 2000-2001 Jonathan Mehring shot an interview with Pat Smith that never came out. Over 10 years later, here it is.


Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Lost Bobbys

01.04.2012 //

This week: Some unseen photos of Bobby Worrest and Bobby Puleo circa 2005.


Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Lost Pappalardo sequences

12.27.2011 //

This week Mehring sent us two lost sequences of Anthony Pappalardo shot while filming for Fully Flared.


Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Random binder grab ’04

12.21.2011 //

This week on Mehring’s Bearings, a blast from the past. Our photographer Jonathan Mehring posts some rare gems from 2004.


Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Thomas Campbell in NYC.

12.13.2011 //

This week Mehring met up with Thomas Campbell who just had a solo show at Half Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan as well as painting the interior of Max Fish.

pARTy card

Stefan Janoski Art Show in NYC.

12.09.2011 //

Tomorrow, Saturday Dec 10th Stefan Janoski will be having his first art show in NYC. Opening will be at Three Squares Studio from 8pm-11pm. 444 West 17th St. NY,NY 10011. Please stop by and join in the festivities. Beer and wine will be provided.


MEHRING’S BEARINGS PRESENTS: Recent trip to LA part 2.

12.07.2011 //

Skateboarder’s senior photographer Jonathan Mehring recently came out to LA and shot photos behind the scenes of the upcoming Girl/Chocolate video directed by Ty Evans and Spike Jones. Here is Part 2 of 2 of the LA series.


Mehring’s Bearings Presents: Recent trip to LA.

11.30.2011 //

Skateboarder’s senior photographer Jonathan Mehring recently came out to LA, shot some pics, and hung with the homies. Here is the first of a 2 part series.

Zered Bassett - back tail, Staunton, VA.


11.15.2011 //

Check out part 2 of the photo outtakes from the Skatipia article in the new Dec/Jan issue of Skateboarder featuring Zered Bassett, Bobby Worrest, Jake Johnson, Guru Khalsa and Gilbert Crockett.

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