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15 Things You Didn't Know About Bam

07.01.2004 //

1. In a preview of what was to come, three-year-old Brandon Margera wouldn’t stop running into walls and jumping off the furniture. His grandfather began calling him “Bam Bam.” This stuck until he was about seven, when he opted for the more grown-up-sounding “Bam.” 2. For the first four years that he skated, Bam was […]

Amerikan – The Pirate Ship Has Set Sail No Image

Amerikan – The Pirate Ship Has Set Sail

06.22.2004 //

San Clemente, CA June 17, 2004 – Gareth Stehr and DJ Chavez are the base of The Amerikan Project’s global skate team. Gareth Stehr hailing from New Zealand the land of mystical crystal air and rolling green meadows has a style that is stronger than a Gandalf spun spell. His wizardry on a skateboard is […]


Red Bull Seek & Destroy

06.18.2004 //

Red Bull and Skateboarder Magazine have teamed up to present Red Bull Seek & Destroy, one of the greatest collections of east coast talent ever assembled on one tour. Starting in Boston PJ Ladd, Ryan Gallant, Zered, Bassett, Danny Supa, Kerry Getz, and Mike Maldonado were given 8 days to hit 9 predetermined spots (3 […]


Go Skating Day

06.16.2004 //

What: Skateboarder Magazine/Encinitas YMCA WHEN: 5:15 – 7:45pm – Monday, June 21st 2004 WHERE: The Newly Rebuilt Encinitas YMCA – 200 Saxony Rd., Encinitas CA Skateboarder Magazine is celebrating skateboarding’s new holiday – the one day of the year you can “officially” take off and skate all damn day! June 21st in ‘GO SKATEBOARDING DAY’ […]

Firsthand: Bartie No Image

Firsthand: Bartie

06.08.2004 //


Interview – Tony Evjenth, eS Team Manager

05.21.2004 //

The skateboard industry has always focused on the professional skateboarder to promote its companies, but have you ever wondered who the people behind the scenes are. This month, makes known what it like to manage a team of the most elite skaters in the world. eS team manager Tony Evjenth makes known what its […]

The Next Cup No Image

The Next Cup

05.12.2004 //

Straight Amping No Image

Straight Amping

04.05.2004 //

Scum- Jimmy "The Greek" Marcus No Image

Scum- Jimmy "The Greek" Marcus

03.25.2004 //

Scum: Benji Galloway No Image

Scum: Benji Galloway

03.25.2004 //

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