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DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.28.2009

08.28.2009 //

Charms and his bike.Posted by John Bradford Some random photos involving some bros and bikes. PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.27.2009

08.27.2009 //

Grand Canyon with the Tempster.Posted by John Bradford Coming home to California from Phoenix one time Ed Templeton asks the car load of people who wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. Everyone agreed so we made a right and drove north for Flagstaff and spent the next day roaming the Grand Canyon National Park. […]


Volcom Back To School 09

08.27.2009 //

1: Rowley Pant 2: Field Jacket 3: Appleyard Jean 4: Sheldon L/S 5: Bratrud .F.A Bones Lined Slim Fleece 6: Tres Stripe Crew Knit Buy yours today at VOLCOM.

Dekline Footwear Goes To Woodward West No Image

Dekline Footwear Goes To Woodward West

08.26.2009 //

Woodward West gets invaded by the Dekline crew of Garreth Stehr, Austin Stephens, and Matt Bennett. With Jordan Taylor, Ceasar Fernandez, and Sid Melvin.



08.26.2009 //

Volcom’s 10 year old flow rider Shane Borland has an anything but average ramp in his backyard in Topanga Canyon, Ca. The Volcom crew consisting of Remy Stratton, Collin Provost, and Volcom Australia riders Jack Fardell and Kieran Reilly figured it was time to pay a visit.


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.26.2009

08.26.2009 //

Daryl AngelPosted by John Bradford When your board is headed for water, its a judgement call on how far you will go for it. Daryl went the distance and never stopped running, even after it was obvious he wasn’t going to make it. PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY

Friends of Friends Exclusive Video Not available on DVD No Image

Friends of Friends Exclusive Video Not available on DVD

08.25.2009 //

Friends of Friends Skating from various sessions over the summer. Not
available on DVD.


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.25.2009

08.25.2009 //

Keegan Sauder is today’s subject.Posted by John Bradford I see Keegan about once or twice a year. Always fun to hang out with. On our last trip, he got broke off the first day which is a shame, he usually kills it harder than anyone. One of the most genuine guys you’ll ever meet… PREVIOUS […]


The Tuesday 25 with Leo Romero

08.25.2009 //

1. City for skating: Fontana 2. Pro skater when you were a kid: H K 3. Actor/Actress: Patrick Swayze 4. Band/Musician: Leo Kottke 5. Skatepark: Wheel park 6. Partner in crime: Bradford, when the pants lets him out that is. 7. Question you get asked at a demo: “Can I suck your dick?” 8. Restaurant: […]


Red Bull Manny Mania AM Denver Results

08.24.2009 //

Denver, CO

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