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Alex Mizurov Germany Manny Session No Image

Alex Mizurov Germany Manny Session

08.24.2009 //

Alex Mizurov does a variety of manual variations while he skates the streets of Germany.

Etnies Southern Comforts Video No Image

Etnies Southern Comforts Video

08.24.2009 //

A little trip down south with Sean Malto, Mikey Taylor, Kyle Leeper, Jose Rojo, and Tyler Bledsoe.


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.24.2009

08.24.2009 //

Brophy and Shier arrive at the spot.Posted by John Bradford Paul Shier drives a Miata. I swear its just because he knows its funny. Whats even funnier is to see Brophy stuff himself into it. I have more photos of Paul’s whip somewhere… Keep checking back to see more. Remember: Daily updates (sometimes weekends off). […]

New Sean Malto Mission G Video No Image

New Sean Malto Mission G Video

08.21.2009 //

Gatorade just released Sean Malto


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.21.2009

08.21.2009 //

Dyson RamonesPosted by John Bradford Daily entries are hard… So while I have more film scanned, you get to see Dyson eat a chip. If you’re in Long Beach go to Taqueria on 4th and Obispo. You won’t be disappointed. And Dyson if you’re reading this come back to Long Beach soon. Summers almost over. […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.20.2009

08.20.2009 //

MJ sighting, Donovan doesn’t believe…Posted by John Bradford On the RVCA California Dreamin’ trip I met Donovan Piscopo for the first time. His dad rode for World back in the day (When, lets just say, World was a whole different company). So its no surprise that Donovan knew about Gonz when he was on Vision, […]

Bonus Tyler Bledsoe Footage No Image

Bonus Tyler Bledsoe Footage

08.19.2009 //

Dan Murphy Hustlin' In New Hampshire No Image

Dan Murphy Hustlin' In New Hampshire

08.18.2009 //


DAILY FILM BLOG | 08.18.2009

08.18.2009 //

Some random photos from a China trip…Posted by John Bradford PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY


The Tuesday 25 with Joey Brezinski

08.18.2009 //

Tuesday 25 with Joey Brezinski 1. City for skating: Venice, I just open my door and go skate. 2. Skate video: Modus Operandi 3. Actor/Actress: Natalie Portman. HOT! 4. Band/musician: Wu-Tang, ODB 5. Skatepark: Street Skate 6. Restaurant: Hooters 7. Video game: EA Skate 2, soon 3 8. Holiday: 4th of July 9. Quote:

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