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Question Authority: Corey Duffel

07.09.2009 //

Hey Corey, I was at the Maloof Cup this past weekend and I saw you killing it in the warm ups or whatever. That grind up the hubba was f**king crazy. I also saw that you got into a bit of a scuffle though with some filmer and I just wondered what was up with […]


Viewfinder | Torey Pudwill

07.09.2009 //

“This is the best way to end a long day and get up for the next.” 1. Shier is now moving on to his modeling debut in Malmo, Sweden. 2. Good times at Christiania. 3. Lewis Marnell and Dan the Man makin’ that paper boo boo. 4. Lucien Clark’s my good homie. This is the […]


In 'N' Out | Brad Staba

07.09.2009 //

“Plus the Terminator is my Governor. What else more could I ask for?” Gambling I’m into going to the race track to gamble on horses. Nothing like winning at the track when gambling with very little money. Compressors Anything that plugs into a compressor. Nailguns, impact wrenches, whatever. Tools. Jackhammers. Hardflips. Polish food. Shooting shotguns […]


Skate Anatomy | Dan Murphy

07.09.2009 //

SKATE ANATOMY DAN MURPHY “I bet the doctor he couldn’t fit more than 20 stitches. He won.” LEFT SIDE: Black Nail I love to go fast and jump down big stuff, but I always jam my big toe into the end of my shoe taking the bails. It bruises up, turns black, and falls off. […]


Face Off | John Rattray and Stu Graham

07.09.2009 //


Question Authority: Dennis Durrant

07.09.2009 //

Dennis! What’s up man? I just wanted to write and say that you’re the shit and that your part in It’s Time was off the chain. The song wasn’t really my deal, but you broke it off and then some in that vid for sure. Anyway dude, I just heard that you live with Windsor […]


Louie Barletta Ezekiel Giveaway

07.08.2009 //

Louie Barletta has a Ezekiel prize package to give away for the person who can come up with the funniest name for a kid. Imagine if Louie named his kid: Strip Barletta! Hahaha.. But it doesn’t have to use his name.. it could be any name! Best name wins! Head to EZEKIEL for the winner!


In 'N' Out | Joey Brezinski

07.08.2009 //


Haunts | Levi Brown's Phoenix

07.08.2009 //

“If you’re not full yet get a Buttered tortilla and sprinkle it with sugar.” Hole in the Rock 1. This is Hole in the Rock. It’s a big hole in a rock that faces southwest overlooking Phoenix. When you want to see an amazing sunset you cruise here, hike up the little mountain and enjoy […]


Viewfinder | Mike Mo Capaldi

07.08.2009 //

“She still calls my house every halloween AND does the creepiest witch noise on our answering machine.” 1. This is my grandma, Mrs. Capaldi. She might be bummed that I used this photo of her, but I just think it’s way too amazing. She still calls my house every Halloween and does the creepiest witch […]