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  • robinski75

    Mighty fine job to the ladies and gentlemen that took part in making this weekend a great one for those children. Makes me damn proud of the skate community. Keep up the great work.

  • WAO

    Thank you! All of you are awesome beyond words. My son had an amazing time and we really appreciate it. Marty, we know you drove a long way and it means very much to all the kids & families.

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  • stephiesue

    My friend just emailed me this link so that I could see the pictures that include her son. She sounded so, so thrilled that he was able to participate. Everyone who put effort into making this event happen did something really special.

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  • Alberto Barrientos

    wile on a board the view makes more sense, transfer feelings true and straight from the heart to give them happiness, every one please ride and lets make this a better world!

  • Alberto Barrientos

    Not really, I just became friends with Kenny Anderson on Facebook and that was a big goal

  • dude

    crys worley just took over active erica’s title as most attractive woman affiliated with skateboarding.