DC King of Chicago is this Weekend

By: | Wednesday, October 7, 2009 //

DC is getting ready to head out for DC King of Chicago, with the goal of crowning the best unpaid, unsigned am on October 10-11. With just a few days until the start of the contest, here’s the essential, must-know info:

* DC will crown the top un-signed amateur skateboarder in Chicago and those who qualified through contests all over the US
* The spot is Roberto Clemente High, located at 1147 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60622-2931
* Day 1: Ledges, manny pads and benches
* Day 2: Gap spot and handicap ramp
* DC is making improvements to all the spots. After the contest, DC will leave the spots better than they found them. It’s DC gift to you, Chicago skateboarders.
* For those of you skating, registration is at 11 AM both Saturday and Sunday
* For those of you watching, the contest starts at 1 PM both Saturday and Sunday
* For those of you not in the Chicago area,
dcshoes.com/king is the place for the daily photos and in-depth recaps. Also get info on the invited riders and the contest as a whole.
* Overall purse: $10,000

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  • gregory artim

    can chicago skaters walk up and register same day or is it all pre qualify.

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