Go Skateboarding Day in Brooklyn, NY

By: | Thursday, June 23, 2011 //

Hundreds of kids came out for Go Skateboarding Day in Brooklyn this year. Many kids met up in Williamsburg for a session at the park, free Red Bull, and the 5boro Long Ollie Challenge.

Photos: Jonathan Mehring

The long ollie contest started small...

Defending champion Luis Tolentino took 1st place again with a 21 board ollie.

Clint Vidal took a head injury in the board toss along with his friend who is in the background. Sometimes a new deck is worth some blood.

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  • Dork nasty



    go skate day was crazy ,busted my eye but cant wait for next year

  • Big Rigg

    The 5 Boro keeping it real in NYC! way to give back. big ups!

  • Punkette

    Check out my boy Clint. Doing it big. Keep doing your thing B. Much love ! <3

  • alfavm

    http://alfavm.com/index.php?pagina=default check the new skateboard videomag