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By: | Wednesday, June 2, 2010 //

One Grand Prize Winner will win a day with Mike Mo Capaldi. Mo will fly our to your hometown for a day to skate, hang out, and have a party. Plus, a box of Matix gear for your friends to be jealous of.

Enter to win by sending @MatixProgress a photo, video or text on Twitter telling us why Mo should come visit you.

Mike Mo will personally choose a winner to fly out and visit. Enter by June 30th.

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  • http://eightequalsd.com oscar pick me aguirre

    ok so i dont know how to start this off but i hope you are reading this mike and please read the whole thing. so i dont even know how im gonna convince you out of like lots and lots of kids but here goes my best attempt. so im just a kid from a small town in Germany called, quidersbach, Germany street name is auf der heide house number 24-the region is kaiserslautern but youll have to come to frankfurt which is about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hrs but it all be worht the ride for me. well its not that small but its a nice village. and second of all its suppose to be sunny finally it like just stopped raining but its been on and off for a while now so its only a limited amount of time before it starts raining again so you better get over here :D.
    now time to get down to buisness. so like i know in your cool ad its like twitter this to matix and stuff to win the grand prize of getting to see mike and skate with your crew.(wouldnt every kid just love to hang out with mike?.) thats the thing i have a skate crew and everything but its like one guy got work and he never skates anymore and the other has a girlfriend thats like always wanting to be with him and knowing girls they always win.haha. and the others left and just made their own crew called KUAD.
    so im always skating around just like cruising and stuff. i would just love to have a you come here not as a proffesional skater but as a gentlemen. i know this is long but just bear with me here please. some other things are that, oh my gosh i had like so many reasons which you should come over here but i totally forgot, but theyll come back to me, those reasons would help me win so you could come over here, rightt? so i wont wanna be like wasting your time anymore. i hope you pick me and if you dont, dont let that decision that you didnt pick this kid right here haunt you for the rest of your life. ill attach some photos to this as like a welcome sign you see in the brochures that are like welcome to the himlayas and it has like a guy holding up his arms so you could see the nice view. hope i didnt forget any good reasons. choose wisely.
    -8=Doscar btw i support your site and got a bracelet vinces new sick board and your shoes and flannels.
    kinda sounds weird that i got all that like id end up looking like a clone.
    i was trying to have all these good reasons to have you come so i thought about it for a while
    trying to be like donovan strain coming up with all these good ideas. well now foreal its time to go.
    farewell michael.

  • http://eightequalsd.com oscar pick me aguirre

    photos i almost forgot. ill get em to you tomorow.

  • http://eightequalsd.com oscar pick me aguirre

    one last thing i dont know if this is were your put this but if its not please tell me .
    bye now
    and not just farewell mike but all the workers at matix and whoever else wants to get thanked

  • Brandon Cutting

    Yo, whats up Mike? My name is Brandon Cutting, i’m 13, i live in Lower Sackville, N.S. Canada, 58 Judy Anne Ct. I’ve been skating for just over a year now. So, today, I was reading the July 2010 TWS Magazigne. (which i read alot.) I was flipping through it and i saw the Matix contest ad, and i saw your picture in it. I started reading it, and i was super psyched when i saw what the grand prize was. A day to skate and hang with Mike mo! my favourite skater! now thats sick. When i skate with my friends, i always ask them “Who’s your favourite skater?” and they say Mike mo man! all the way! hes so sick. But im not surprised they say that, cause you are sick and my favourite skater too. Ive seen your Fully Flared part in the Lakai video, i’ve seen your Forcast part, and your Day In The Life: Mike mo. By watching your videos, i’ve learned not to be too serious with my skating, but to have fun and enjoy it, like you do, thats the most important thing! By coming to halifax to skate with me, I think you could show more people then just me how to be more relaxed with skating and how to have alot more fun with it. I have a flat rail at my house and i skate alot of flatground (like you). And we have lots of skateparks around. It would be awesome if you came here, and skated at my stuff, or even my local park, because people would be amazed if they saw you do something crazy like a 3 flip over a handrail, or even showing up, cause i know i’d crap my pants if Mike Mo Capaldi showed up at my local park! Like i said before, ive only been skating for a year, and by watching your videos, i’ve learned how you’ve done some stuff and tried it, and if people ask how i do it, id be like “well i watched Mike Mo do it in a video, i learned from him.” Like switch flips, ive watched you do them and it looks perfect, and i try it the way you do, and i think mine are better. Haha just kidding, they arent even close to yours (yet). One last reason, people look up to you, think your an inspiriation, cause you can do anything on everything, landing bolts everytime, your almost as good as me. haha just kidding again dude. Well i’m gonna wrap this up, so i think we would have fun skating togeather, and maybe we can learn something from each other, cause thats what skating is all about, learning stuff from other skaters, amd i think it would be fun to kick your butt at skate too. haha naw dude youd kill me. so anyways I hope to see you soon in halifax Mike. ( say what up to Vince for me!)

    Hope to be skating with you soon.
    Brandon Cutting

  • http://eightequalsd.com oscar pick me aguirre

    shit got some competition :D

  • gracie

    hi my name is gracie marx and i am a skater girl. You are my favorite skater and i look up to you in many ways. I even know that you broke your wrist on a hand rail and then you did it is the girl skatepark. I saw it on your firsthand. You are my favorite skater and i think you are sick. You probaly won’t pick me because i am a girl but who knows. Every single night i pray that i will win this contest. So… mike mo i hope to skate with you and for you to come to my hometown

  • http://goldcoastaccommodationandapartments.com.au gold coast apartments

    Yes, I liked that. So was my brother. He said he will check it out soon. We will be back before you know it.

  • Nate

    yo mike check this out bro

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMLV615x6_U mitchell young

    hey mike , lol i only just found out about this competition so aint got much to show, but i live in london and we all know london has got some banging spots i could take you to. Im 15 and been skating for a couple of years now and to hang out with you for a day would be inspiring and a lifetime experience.
    I dont know wat else to say realy apart from MIKE MOO SICKKKK lol hopefully i get a chance to meet you and have a laugh and hey MUM MAKE ME SOME COOKIES

  • http://davepick.wordpress.com/ Arlyne Schee

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