Mountain Dew’s Online Premiere of Streets of Fury

By: | Wednesday, August 10, 2011 //

Be the first to see Mountain Dew’s STREETS OF FURY, a new 90 second video starring Paul Rodriguez, Theotis Beasley and Keelan Dadd. RSVP to attend the Digital Premiere on Facebook.

Paul, Theotis, and Keelan are to be featured in a new web short from Mountain Dew entitled Streets of Fury. Judging by the quality of coverage Paul and Theotis have always put out, in addition to Keelan being handpicked for the team by the likes of Paul, though short, the video will probably bring some NBDs and probably some WTFs, so be sure to RSVP to the online premiere or I’m sure you’ll still be able to check it out tomorrow one way or another.

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  • RadChuck77

    hey, did you guys see the movie references in p-rod’s Streets of Fury video?

    I caught 3 (the mirrors from Enter the Dragon at the beginning, the shadows and chinatown sign from Search for Animal Chin later on)… were there any others?


  • Kelly

    In group shots, no one looked at each other at all, even in patries

    yes, clearly we’re always looking out for talent that might cross our field of vision. Sometimes, annoyingly so, like how often were you engaged in a conversation with a friend whose eyes suddenly wander and how often have you caught yourself doing it! ouch I hate it when I do that.