Pretzel Grip's Girl/Anti-Hero Crew Take 6th Annual Vans Downtown Showdown

By: | Monday, October 4, 2010 //

Vincent Alvarez, switch bluntslide
Photo: Jonathan Mehring

Here’s a break down of the best performances of the day:

Black Label’s “Off the Wagon”
1. Chris Cole (Zero) – $2,500
2. Chris Pfanner (Pretzel Grip/Anti-Hero) – $1,500
3. Nick Merlino (Foundation) – $1,000

Pretzel Grip’s “Time Trials Classic”
1. Omar Hassan (Black Label) – $2,500
2. Steven Reeves (Powell Peralta) – $1,500
3. Nolan Munroe (Powell Peralta) – $1,000

Zero’s “Blood Bath”
1. Vincent Alvarez (Pretzel Grip/Chocolate) – $2,500
2. Guillaume Mocqui (Element) – $1,500
3. Tony Trujillo (Pretzel Grip/Anti-Hero) – $1,000

Foundation’s “F’d Up Stair Set”
1. Nick Merlino (Foundation) – $2,500
2. Garrett Hill (Zero) – $1,500
3. Chris Cole (Zero) – $1,000

Top Am Performance – Nick Merlino (Foundation) – $5,000

Top Pro Performance – Vincent Alvarez (Pretzel Grip/Chocolate) – $5,000

Overall Team Winner – Pretzel Grip (Girl/Anti-Hero) ($30,000), Zero 2nd ($15,000), Powell Peralta 3rd ($5,000)

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