Real’s “Since Day One” Video Premiere

By: | Friday, April 1, 2011 //

Photos & Words: Jaime Owens
Real Skateboards premiered their highly anticipated video “Since Day One” in San Franicisco last night to a packed house and they didn’t let anybody down. With a stacked team of 18 skaters, I wondered if the video would be too long or too slow but it most certainly was NOT. In fact, the video was smoking hot. Every guy on the team came through with banging parts. Not one let down. Great music and great skating. From start to finish, the crowd was erupting in cheers and applause after one amazing trick after the next because every part had them. James Hardy even killed it so much that they announced him going pro directly after the video to James’ surprise. It was just an awesome video and awesome night. What a way to celebrate 20 years in business as a skate company. Great job guys. Thanks so much to Jim, Mic-E, John A, Darin and everybody at Deluxe for such a sick video and great time in San Francisco. Go out and buy this video and support Real Skateboards!

The Victoria Theater

Two SF legends and OG Sick Boys, Mic-E and Jim

Ray Barbee, Matt Rodriguez and Tommy Guerrero provided the pre-show tunes.

Peter and JT are two of the nicest guys around and two of the gnarliest skaters at the same time.

James Hardy didn’t know he was about to go pro. Congrats James you deserve it!

A packed house.

Three great skate photographers: Mike Blabac, Giovanni Reda (from New Jersey) and Gabe Morford

Justin Brock and Chima Ferguson were all smiles after the video.

Here’s just a little quicky video I made of Nike SB’s TM Andy Henry, Ernie Torres, Ishod Wair and Skateboarder’s Christian Senrud whipping around the Potrero park before the premiere.

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