Street League Scoring Explained

By: | Thursday, August 5, 2010 //

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  • jams are the only way to make a skate event legit

    ok so president of media x international obviously knows alot about skateboarding as they are trying to create ‘heroes’/recognise heroes on each obstacle, through ‘storytelling’, im sorry but if you think you can get to ‘know’ a skater by measuring their performance ‘numerically and statiscally’ then you obviously don’t cae about the subjectiveness of skateboarding and the fact that it will always by style the will overule substance, once everything that can be conceived to be done on a skateboard people will still be skating for thr love and feel of it. so i don’t see why this should be viewed any differently to any other big corporate event, so don’t think that the people who give a shit about real skating will give a shit about this, yet agin rebranding and re-packaging the idea of a contest to make it appeal to a wider audience, and all that you can show for it is nothing more than a jumped up tv audience decvice that numerically measures skatebording.
    not trying to say you aren’t entitled to believe that its something new and exciting, but it really isn’t. pardon my rant

  • jams are the only way to make a skate event legit

    oh but some of the obstacles look cool though

  • Mr Stix

    Sadly, A few are commenting on a scoring system or competition format they know nothing about. Style IS one of the elements that is factored into the overall score. All the judges are accomplished skateboarders in their own right AND the system is highly praised by the competing skaters themselves. A Jam is fun to watch but mostly a free for all and does little to reveal an individual pro skaters true talents. This revolutionary method of scoring is not only more fair than past methods but it instantly gives the competitors realtime feedback on where they stand in relationship to the rest of the pack. It also draws in the crowd as they can instantly see the scores and for the first time truly start to understand the difference in difficulty from one trick to another.

    Jams are nice. So were 8 tracks.