AERIAL7 Welcomes Walker Ryan to the Team

By: | Tuesday, November 16, 2010 //

(Los Angeles, November 9, 2010) AERIAL7, a lifestyle headphone company founded on the belief that great sound must be combined with eye-catching design is proud to have Walker Ryan join their Skate team.
Ryan said,

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  • Sasha

    - Congrats to Ryan and Jamie, they already have such a beuatiful daughter and now they’ll have TWO kids! I totally remember them being your first wedding!! (was I there?? or do I just remember watching you edit?) Doesn’t this make you feel old, Babs? Sure does to me eek.

  • Kristina

    We really eoejynd the video. A true old school love story. We took the liberty of sending the link to family in Mississippi. Wishing you guys much happiness. May Jehovah best you. Love you, Vernon ans Sandra. PS we will see your grands soon to share this with them also.