Agency Thursdays: Chris Pastras CAAM Mural

By: | Thursday, August 5, 2010 //


follow the link below to watch the video

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  • Leonardo

    A few ptonis in general–Teams can move due to other teams above and below them moving. They can move also just by movement by previous opponents, which affects opponent GWP. Additionally, there can be clumps of teams tightly packed together. A team at the bottom of a clump can appear to skyrocket in terms of rankings by a solid outing. Remember that each rank is not necessarily equally spaced in terms of GWP. Notice the clumps from 11-15 and from 16-22. ATL vaulted that bottom clump.Specifically, regarding ATL-IND: ATL threw for 9.0 AYPA and held IND to below 2.0 AYPA. That’s huge.Regarding TB-NO: TB actually had really good numbers, throwing for 7.4 AYPA and holding NO to 5.4 AYPA. I realize some of that was ‘trash’, but not all of it.