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  • Naty

    Grr. Don’t get me started on Chelsea Tractors. Until our girls were 5 and 7 we drove a ’95 Rover 214Si (top one in ); a small car, small (but filary gutsy) engine; and were able to take both girls, travel cot, highchair, stuff with us. We hag great little Mothercare’ car seats for when the girls were really wee, and when we went on holiday (400 mile round trip) we’d have a top box.There is absolutely no need for those obscene tanks. The only reason we changed cars was because someone pulled into us while we were passing them on the A1(M) at 70 mph, and we spun and rammed them. The car was an insurance writeoff and we (all 6 people in the two cars) were (physically) completely unharmed. If either (or both) vehicle had been a tank, things could have been very different.Oh, and I have l33t driving skllliz.

  • Toninhum

    Lo principal que apilco es siempre fijarme de no botar nada al suelo y recoger tambie9n todo aquello que se pueda. Preferir las bicicletas antes que vehedculos motorizados, evitar usar bolsas de ple1sticos al ir a comprar, evitar dejar el agua corriendo innecesariamente y usando jabones que son menos agresivos con el medio ambiente c:saludos, gente de Ahe1 Mag!revisen mi muro, que los comparted para sumar puntos 1313 jajaja