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By: | Tuesday, February 8, 2011 //

Joey Pepper - 0llie- Belem

Flooded beach near Santarem

Barefoot jungle hike

Clint Peterson - Backside 360 - Santarem

Acai breakfast

Too much rain = lots of time in the hostel playing "Killer".

Joey Pepper - frontside ollie - Belem

Taking shelter from the rain

This woman said "you can satisfiy me 5 times when you take Viagra Natural"

Jack Kenny Clint Jake

Joey Pepper - Back lip - Belem

Kenny Anderson - Feeble 180 transfer - Belem

Clint Peterson - Backside 180 - Belem

Adelmo Jr. - 360 flip - Belem

Vitor Sagaz - Back lip - Belem

Belem Acai market

Clint getting ready for the beater sunburn of his life

Hammock life

Kids boarding the boat selling food and begging for money and whatever else you might be willing to spare.

Josh and Jack. Close quarters.

4 days on a boat = a lot of card games and beers

"Barack" The cooks assistant

Clint chilling

Captain Kenny

Kenny Anderson - Ollie - Santarem

Kenny - fs tailslide - Santarem

Joey Pepper - 5-0 fakie - Santarem

Clint Peterson - Smith grind - Santarem

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  • hodg

    some of those should of made the mag. ie. adelmo’s 3 flip.

  • Fellipe Francisco BRAZIL

    Thanks for visit my city !!!

  • Wesley Silva – SkateSalva – Manaus – Brasil

    Yeah baby YEAHHH!!!

  • Paolo Cruz – SkateSalva Support Team – Manaus – Brasil

    Yahoooooo, I hope see you soon down here in Manaus again dudes! Congrats!

  • Vina

    so Amazing!!!

  • Dalmo Roger

    Yeah Adonis!

  • Kleber Zanzotti

    The best skateboard trip ever.. amazing tricks and places…
    salve adelmo e sagaz

  • Ray

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