Amazon Outtakes Part 2 – Photos from the second half of our trip.

By: | Monday, March 7, 2011 //

Adelmo - Frontside noseslide - Manaus

Raymond - Back tail to bus stop - Manaus

Jake - bluntslide - Manaus

Vitor Sagaz - 180 - Manaus

Since it rained again we headed to the "Waterfalls"

and proceeded to get stuck - at least momentarily.

Kicked out by cops and we weren't even skating.

Kenny and Vitor sailor dive at The Meeting of the Waters


Dead serious nature walk

Piranha fishing... they look harmless enough...

Pink river dolphins

Our jungle tour leader teaching us how to survive in the wild.

Adelmo - Nollie heelflip - Manaus

Adelmo - Nollie overcrook

Adelmo - nollie overcrook

Jack Sabback - Ollie - Manaus

Joey Pepper - Backside noseblunt

Kenny - pivot fakie

Jake Johnson - Ollie 1 - Manaus

Jake - Ollie 2

Raymond - Switch back tail

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  • maikon

    Very cool that this trip was made in Manaus. that skateboarding is expanding greatly, thus the integration of people (skaters) in other places that are entirely possible to be skating, but unlikely to be visited. just expanding pesamento that skateboarding has no horizons and also limits.
    forced to visit my little land and bring the skateboard only seen on video, the exotic matter Manaus …. congratulations and peace to all.

  • Vilo

    hello! gosto muito se skate ja andei ,mas onde moro nao tem cmo eu comprar peças,shap etc.. quero abrir uma loja ,vcs tem pronta entrega ??????