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  • vin

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Sasspa-realla

    BOO-YA!! The best shit ever! This looks to be one amazing trip. I can’t wait to check the weba sodes.

  • Fernando Granja – Brasil


  • Wesley Silva – SkateSalva – Manaus – Brasil

    Congrats Jonathan, Josh and all the crew… This trip shook the city of Manaus, all the locals skateboarders got excited and its was amazing. Thank you all to introduce to the rest of the globe our great spots to skate and I’m sure we’ll have more people coming to skate in the amazon.

    Skateboard and good vibration.

  • Carllos Cruz – Santarém- Brasil

    Congratulations guys! Very good material.The visit from you was outstanding. it was great to skate with people who could only see in videos, it was really cool for us here, and it was great having them as guests, the language was sometimes a deadlock, but nothing that was not broken by the joy of walking out of skateboarding, and meeting new people and places. We were very happy to receive them, feel free to return … a hug.

  • Dudu Sardo

    show, skateboard in Belém do Para / Brasil – Skate forte do North.

  • Aída

    Although I’m not a skateboarder, I’m just really impressed!
    Amazing job! A very interesting way of showing Amazon!

    Best regards,

    ps: that candiru video was hilarious!

  • Croupier

    Probably the best group of skaters you could have put together for this kind of thing. This is amazing stuff!

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  • Vagner Sinimbú “Ramone”

    Dias inesquecíveis!!! Espero que eles retornem aqui algum dia!
    Unforgettable days!! I hope they’ll back in Amazonia someday!

  • Croupier

    Trailer►Episode 1►Episode 3… dude… what happened to Episode 2?

  • PerroSkate Blog – BRASIL

    DÁ HORA!!!!!

  • sasspa- Reala…


  • Jussyê

    I traveled to Santarém just to see this guys. I will never forget this days.

  • Heverton Ribeiro


  • steven c

    Kenny driving that shit!

  • Splinter (OldSkater)

    Ooohh that’s motivates me 2 cme back hahaha
    amazing videos.
    let’s play skaterboard on Park today =P

  • Moabe Dannilo

    what a nice trip man.
    hope you guys are enjoying tha amazon.
    and we people from Salvador Bahia, hope you guys stop by, just to have a lot of fun around here too.!!!!!!

  • Neil

    Thanks for putting these videos up. I look forward to watching them every Monday. It shows that there is so much more to these trips than just skateboarding and that you can gain so much life experience through traveling. It makes me want to explore the world more.

  • Chico gustavo

    Awesome footage from these guys. i’ll wait fot the next episode. thankzzzz

  • Croupier

    Clint’s 360 flip to tailgrab over that hip should have been a pic in the mag. So rad!

  • carl

    OMG! Could Kenny Anderson get any hotter? Oh and blue eyes ain’t bad either. This is like soft porn for a dude like me. Thanks bros. I am so horney.

  • dricah wasconcellos

    ta perfeituh

  • doctoore kim

    wheres the nilton footy?

  • Wesley Silva

    Amazing… AMAZING… The Pepper’s ollie over that rail was AMAZING… I was there… It was a gift. THANKS GUYS…

  • Cristian Paredes

    Muy buena serie, me gustaria que le agregaran subtitulos en español.

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  • BigMoxie

    What an amazing trip! That is like my life’s dream.
    If you skate, skate with Moxie!