ASkate “1-91″ Art Show Photos

By: | Monday, April 23, 2012 //

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

The ASkate Foundation along with some help from us put on a rad art show this past weekend. All the art work was auctioned off with all the funds going back to the foundation. At the end of the night we were able to raise close to $6,000. Pretty amazing! Check out the photos from the show.

When 6:00pm hit and the doors opened, the make-shift art gallery was packed.

The show was at The Lab in Costa Mesa. Pretty cool place.

Photos and artwork from industry legends were up on the walls. This is a photo of Dylan Rieder by…

…Greg Hunt. The man who kills it with both still and moving pictures.

Who remembers this photo from our last issue? Our very own Boss Man and Editor Jaime Owens shot this photo of Tony Alva.

The designated drinking, smoking, and DJ area.

Chad Bartie and Chris Ortiz made it out.

Speaking of Chris Ortiz, he had some really amazing older photos up on the wall. Here’s one of Bam Margera.

Kenny Anderson donated this photo of Rick Howard.

Rad photo, rad photographer, and rad skater. Perfect combination.

The brains, hearts, and muscles behind ASkate, Crys Worley and Peter Karvonen.

Our man Jaime Owens, Crys Worley, and Arto Saari.

Arto donated some amazing and very large photos.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting ASkate!

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  • Jorge

    Does anyone have any tublore with one of the deathraces ending in the end of the map ..the black void where you fall? Also one of the pro challenges in down town when you start it puts you right into the black void where you fall over and over again. Your only choice is to leave event. What am I supposed to do!?!?!?! And what website is there that I can get a help guide to do some tricks, mostly the kickflip under the rail and you jump over it. Trying to land it but it seems hopeless. THANKS FOR THE HELP!!