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  • johnny

    The first sentence is a run-on. Waste* Therefore* You aren’t the best writer. Now I know why I read Thrasher.

    • Christian Senrud

      Because Thrasher has the best writing…

  • Mascy

    I have used Kansai Thru Pass(關西一卡通)twice and never use Kintetsu Rail Pass. Kansi Thru Pass is not cheap and you can’t save much from using it. On my experience, you can at most save 2,000 yen from the 5,000 yen 3-days pass. However, it is very covinnneet and a must have for Kansai trip. With it, you can jump in almost all train (you may need to buy extra ticket for some limited express train) and bus (except the city bus in Nara). You don’t need to spend time to stand before the complicated price chart in the station to find out which ticket to be brought. It is much better than Kintetsu Rail Pass and JR Pass, if you want to spend 1 or 2 day(s) in Kyoto. Because you can use all train, subway and buses in Kyoto. Kyoto is not a big city but if you want to visit most spots by walking, you will be exhausted before 3:00pm.With Kansai Thru Pass, you can use Osaka as you base and visit Kobe, Kyoto and Nara. If you have time, you can even go to 和歌山,高野山,姬路,淡路島 without additional transport charge.