BA Epicly Laterd Part 4

By: | Sunday, April 11, 2010 //

O’Dell’s back with some more BA in this week’s episode of Epicly Laterd. Watch it here. Also, don’t forget about the funzone (seen below).

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  • Lauren

    I love how Lil Miss Anti Hollywood, “That’s not Me,” “I don’t care about fashion” grcaes the cover of Vogue. Not only is she a sell-out, so is Anna for conforming to what’s popular. Year Rihanna and Gaga are supposed to be on the cover too (apparently) but at least they like fashion even if it’s off the wall they’re interesting. Kristen is boring. Dull. Talentless. She will ONLY be known for Twilight not some “serious” actress. Milk the cow as long as you can Miss “Fierce”. Your time is coming to an end reaaaaaaaaaaal soon, and no cover of any magazine will change that.And Anna, it’s time for you to step down. You’ve lost your damn mind.