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  • Jimbo Jones

    Go ride your fixie off a cliff! FILM IS FOR FAGS!

  • Patric

    Film is for fags? Geez… I hope you’re joking! Bradford is pretty much the only big skate photographer left that still shoots film (although a lot Euro skate photographers still shoot film). Hell-Gaberman doesn’t even shoot film anymore or Humphries either. This just shows you how tight Skateboarder is as a whole! All the other magazines won’t pay for their photographers film because times are real tough these days for print media.

  • Jimbo Jones

    I’m going to throw your precious vinyl collecting into the river!

  • Sk8n4s8n

    Jimbo Jones is just jealous because he can never get his photoshopped digital pictures to look as good as some crisp medium format shots. Film > digital and skateboarder mag is legit for supporting those of a dying breed.

  • Cracka

    Film is more crisp. Its the 1/500 flash sync. Its science.

  • Ben

    Amazing set of photos, oh and ‘Jimbo’ I think you’re mistaking film photography with lomography, not everyone that shoots film is a hipster.

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  • Thapelo

    #26 and #32 This is the stuff the media needs to show! Real men and women with good hearts trinyg to do good for people they don’t even know and real deaths. Don’t hide the good and for god’s sake don’t hide the deaths! Our soldiers and our allies soldiers deserve so much more respect than they are getting!