Bob & Luan mini ramp trailer

By: | Wednesday, December 30, 2009 //


Flip is in web video mode right now and we can’t be stopped!! Check out this recent mini ramp session with Bob & Luan. 1 minute of pure fucking destruction!! Let the shred be known across the land/web. Stay tuned for more videos coming VERY soon… Follow us on Twitter.

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  • Arman

    , I don’t -care- about what kind of test the Saints were for the Packers, or the puessrre they felt to compete and win.I’m talking about the biggest test to date for the Packers. Rest assurred, the Packers have been the biggest test to date for most every team they have faced this season.. Hence that 12-0.As far as the Bears and the Lions, I definitely do not expect them to lay down. Both are currently in the play off hunt, and even if one or the other falls out of contention, they both have plenty of incentive to put the hurt on the Packers.But, again I was talking about the biggest test TO DATE for the Packers. Future matches are not to date . They are, oddly enough, in the future, and therefore not addressed in my original comment.