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  • Jaime Owens

    Make sure to label your photos next time. Back at ya! ha…

  • Yoonkee Kim

    You can want to delete my writings but my writings are the most precious actually.
    The input and the output cannot be that same.
    That can be just boardslide but it tells so many stories.
    For me, the hand rails for the people are like saying people ‘Please be disabled. We want you to touch us and use us.’ which is like Satan.
    There aren’t actually enough reasons to be satanic.
    Then they were all like “For nothingness’ sake”.

    Skateboarding is not like commiting.
    I happen to know that it is like fixing.
    Let’s fix the world up, skateboarders.

    Let’s have some beer together as well.

    I was grown up to be good but people who taught me to be good turned to be bad which is ironic and confusing.

    There are the bad and there are the good, human beings.

  • Yoonkee Kim

    The law of the nature tells you to pee whereever you want to but the law for the laws tell you to pee according to their orders.
    Let’s educate the laws so well.

    Laws will be happier when the law became the natural one.

    Remember that we need to be moral at least.

  • Yoonkee Kim

    It is not like telling you to off the wall.
    I am not sure what will be really ideal world but I am sure there are things those need to gone.
    The common examples as we were facing were hand rails and the signs.

    That’s why it is ridiculous to skate in the skate parks built by governors possibly.

    One of skateboarders’ aim is to get rid of the hand rails!

    It is nice to write something wearing Nike SB coach’s jacket.

    Read my articles soon and very politely visit my website, skateboarders.
    It is

    I have a religion.

  • Juan

    War on Drugs is not a conservative mnvemeot is neoconservative conviction that violence, people can better complete this policy failure. Look at our many wars and how much better in the Middle East. It certainly makes some people better off. Until we have the idea that we need a few elites to rule over us, it will refuse to be so.

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