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  • Christina

    Have you seen this “retro” spot???? Its really different:

  • Potographer

    Night photo w/ no flash is rad. Cheers!

  • Rahul

    , I’m writing a blog and I rllaey need to know the skinny on XYZ. I wouldn’t have been able to expose lies about the Internet told in court by a federal agent during that porn investigation if I hadn’t researched it for weeks, interviewing everyone from court reporters to fellow agents. I wouldn’t have been able to reveal an epidemic of antibiotic-resistant bacteria among vets returning from Iraq if I didn’t research precisely the right people to ask about what was going on in a US Army hospital in Germany by digging up phone lists, nurses’ reports, and documents that the Defense Department had mightily suppressed.Exciting blogging requires a whole other set of skills like knowing what’s hot in the Stream right now, at this moment; or knowing what *could be* hot tomorrow. Communicating the story succinctly in a way that engages interest in both the links provided and the overall mission of the blog itself. It’s more like jazz, while long-form journalism is more like composition. Both have their place; but they are distinct sets of skills. Some people, like young Wired writer Jonah Lehrer, have both.