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  • Marilyn

    Epic poster for an epic film! The look for the chceaatrr of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid games I believe.Shame about the sequel Escape to LA’ though can never get that awful surfing scene out of my head.

  • Luna

    In answer to your qusioetn, the one you assert I have not answered, but I have, the answer is stop lying and inferring there is something anyone could call scientific competence. Too many people believe that lie. And a belief in that lie is exactly the first cause of all that environmentalism seeks to address.If science has anything true to say, it is that scientists do not know, and cannot know what will happen if they attempt scientifically to make the problem go away. And further, that if they scientifically look at the history of applied science, and they then attempt to address the problem, they will do so having a certain knowledge they almost certainly will make the problem worse as well as create many other problems.Succinct enough?Now, as for your assertion: I suggest it is you who is being immoral, in seeking to impede the efforts of those trying to raise awareness [...] Au contraire. I am attempting to make scientists honest and to shut them up entirely. It should be a crime!I would have them as well keep themselves from amassing and disseminating knowledge sets that we can know due to a history of recurrently and consistently doing exactly the same thing with historically demonstrative disasterous results, that in fact have given rise to the very problems you claim to earnestly be trying to ameliorate with your scientific approach.No! Don’t you understand the word? Has your education abrogated any need to heed to it?Again, your approach has consistently failed throughout history. The methodical pragmatism of empirical science has had a far worse effect upon humanity than any witchcraft and every other acknowledged and organized religion on the planet combined.In fact, your empirical beliefs can be philosophically reduced very quickly to a mere religion when one contrasts the entirety of every empirical knowledge set possible, to the overwhelming vast complexity of reality.Such a consciencious comparison will yield stark results that explain exactly why the utter insignificance of even the combined knowledge sets of every empirical study ever made or that ever could be made, are simply insufficient and guaranteed to be yield catastrophic results when applied to reality by humanity.The implicit assertion of empirical science is that we should by trial and error be willing to ruin the world. BUT! We have done that already. Enough is enough.And furthermore, while it was not Albert Einstein who designed or built the A-bomb, John, he (were he still alive) like every other scientist has to acknowledge his moral guilt, and his moral mistake for even having unwittingly supplied an absolutely essential component of the knowledge set that led to the development and constructuion of literally tens of thousands of these bombs.He, like any other scientist has no viable moral defense for his actions by stating he cannot control human nature.We ALLl know enough about human nature to know how dangerous science is.There is nothing amoral about giving a child a loaded gun to play with, or, the gun and the bullets separately either.So again John, address for all of us here, take the moral bull by the horns or his nuts, and I ask everyone to come to Johns’s rescue too, about your own moral escapism in extolling the virtue of raising awareness within a population that is far less concerned about environmentalism than how to use every kind of knowledge for their own propitious schemes and devices.For THAT is human nature.Don Robertson, The American Philosopher