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  • Andrew

    He does get it quick

  • spaz

    What the hell are you talking about Andrew?

  • Dude

    That was the day I nearly shit my pants. Mudpie

  • Big Rigg

    Style for days

  • Rajesh

    ? Imo, yes but seomtimes I disagree with his actions . Big deal ! I disagree with a lot of people and don’t own the team.In general he’s far better to own a contract than most owners . Players generally get more money up front which makes mike’s contract more valuable . As an owner he doesn’t mess with the players contact . You don’t see him signing 8 year deals that sound preposterous . million over 8 years for the waterboy with 79.9 million in the last year is really an 8 year 10k annual contractRightfully, Mike hates dead money .He’s plain and simple an honest guy who crosses his T’s and dots his I’s before signing a contract . For that reason I think he’s an honest, principled owner better than most.Do I like the way he runs the team ? As a ticket holder , HELL NO ! However, it’s not my team . Mike runs a business and makes a nice profit . He doesn’t squeeze it dry . He s just prudent . IMO, a little too prudent .