Danny Gonzalez Quits Professional Skateboarding

By: | Wednesday, June 24, 2009 //

Story by Jart Skateboards
We have bad news for the skateboarding community, Danny quits because of recurrent problems with his right leg.
That’s what he told us via email:

“It doesn’t look good. I recently found out my ankle is off set to the right. Which means my knee can’t take impact because I don’t have a good base.

I would like to thank you and Jart for all your support, but this is it for me.
I can no longer skateboard as a Professional.

Thanks again, Danny.”

We understand this must have been a really difficult decision for him to take and wish him the best for this new times to come, with the board under his feet like a true skater he is.
For us he will always be a part of the skateboarding history, one of the greats skaters that changed street skating.

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