Enter to win a Circa Hesh Package

By: | Friday, December 3, 2010 //

Answer a couple questions for a chance at winning a Circa Hesh package.


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  • paradox

    what makes david gravette want to skate a rail instead of a pool?

  • santiago torres

    i need it cuz i reay need new shoes

  • Casey Miller

    I heart Circa =)

  • david

    very nice give aways

  • Steve Stone

    I need new shoes

  • Brandon

    My sk8 sneakers r soo bad tht u can c the color of my socks in 3 different holes

  • donnie

    my first tattoo tas a c1rca logo

  • Jonathan Urbina

    Circa gots sum good vulcanized skate shoes.And the style gives a good solid hardcore street shoe.I skate circa.i recommend circa.

  • dj

    circa is one of the most amazingest shoe companyies ever, they got some insane hesh riders like david gravette, the nuge, and peter ramondetta. wat more could you ask for, their shoes are crazy good so hopefully i can get this hesh package

  • Scott

    Hey Gregg,Awesome story to kick off the contest! Thanks Actually, I’m going to send you a free shirt just for being the first ptnaicipart in I will e-mail you details on Nov 5thTo everyone else: Keep sending your stories a winner will still be announced at the end of this thing, but if I get a few really cool stories, I’ll be sending out more shirts Stay tuned