Enter To Win a Sweet Foundation Package

By: | Tuesday, June 10, 2008 //

Foundation Super Co.

Foundation has always been about one thing, and that’s skateboarding. They might not be as dope, as drunk, as high, as cool, as happening, as alienated, or as rich as everyone else, but that’s just fine with us. We’ve never fit in, and we never want to, we’re skateboarders. What else would you expect? Foundation is the skateboarders’ skateboard company.

Support Foundation and Tum Yeto by visiting their sites and consuming mass quantities of their products


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  • james

    Foundation is a foudation and i think its the shit..,, and i love they boards they are! hard! the board the riders everything i love yall !! and i love what we do which is skate!! no one cant take that away from us soo we gonna be around for a longggg time and what can they do nothing! ha! :)