Everyone Off Adio

By: | Tuesday, November 23, 2010 //


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  • Jonestown

    The powers that be at Adio reveal their true colors! They started as a skate shoe company, got to the point where they were one of the bigger shoe companies in skating, and turn around to stab skateboarding in the back. Foreshame!

  • jon

    wow fuck adio they lost so many good people on there team

  • urstillanidiot

    + wow… the recession is sooooooo ugly…. its tuff to penetrate the market when the market is saturated of vulganized footwear…i once heard, why bring sand to the beach? adio is not the first company to scrap their skate program… i’m sayin… the big picture here, is skateboardin still spinnin in a downward spiral movement? +