411VM Up For Grabs Press Release

By: | Thursday, February 8, 2007 //

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411VM Up For Grabs Press Release

FREEze! Hands up! Up For Grabs, that is!

Up For Grabs, the newest release from 411VM, becomes available for the masses FREE on February 27th, 2007! Yeah, that’s right! FREE! With Art Direction from Uncle Geez (5Boro, Zoo York), you’ll for sure want to get your hands on one of these bad boys! Imagine a humongous product toss so big that even Tampa Am would be jealous and everyone gets a FREE skate video! Yeah, it’s like that! FREE!

Getting hyped to go skate ain’t a problem with Up For Grabs! A solid Openers with the classic 411VM theme song will make you say “DAAAM!” faster than Tha Alkaholiks! Kevin Romar sets the new standard for the term ‘Bolts!’ and Justin Figueroa brings a holy-shitter to the table with a 21-Stair Nosegrind that couldn

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