Girl New Pro Giveaway

By: | Tuesday, June 17, 2008 //

Alex Olson, Sean Malto and Mike Mo Capaldi have all gone pro for GIRL SKATEBOARDS and to celebrate we’ve teamed up with that fine, fine company for this giveaway. Don’t miss out, you know these boys are going places and these pro models will not only be great to skate, but they’ll probably be ebay gold in a year or two. It’s win, win, win. So enter to win, win, win.

Also, be sure to support Girl and all its sister, brother and other companies by visiting their sites and purchasing lots and lots of things.


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  • andrew


  • andrew

    i wont a new skatebord myother one brock

  • filip

    i wont a new skateboard becauce mine is broken :(

  • Ryan Stephens

    Thanks for this chance man

  • Ryan Stephens

    Oh yea and i heard girl is one of the best.

  • Ryan Stephens

    Never had one , hopefully its good

  • jager Bonham

    hey thats awsome i SKATE every day on a old 2008 girl its cracKed but duct tape rules on a SKATE bord

  • kelvin

    Girl is the better skate copany

  • callum Brindley

    has this bin won yet

  • Veronica

    Getting the wheels with smtooh riding blandas.Montar Gelly-like wheels to absorb all the rocks and cracks in the floor that will give a much smtooher ride, while a shortboard. You do not need trucks longboard. Regular truck shortboard will do fine. I’d rather put that money for some good bearings (like bones swiss, they are expensive, but faster).

  • geovanni

    i wont a skatebord because it going to be my firs skatebord