Girl DVD Sneak Peak

By: | Friday, April 6, 2007 //

“Last night, Aaron Meza showed a sneak peak of some the bonus features from the upcoming GIRL DVD boxset at the Supreme Store in Los Angeles. A small gathering of the GIRL squad along with friends were entertained with an edited down version of all the classic unused footage that will be available on the DVDs. Looks to be well worth your while, so go pick up the boxset when it comes out. Like I had to tell you that, right?”

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  • Bhavin

    Yo whutyoawrite,Thank you so much for the review on our show with Crewest back in October. Stay tuned for new events we’re working on plus new bag drops. Mad respect!

  • Joco

    Last year, for wetaevhr reason, there were a lot of TCU games on TV in my area (Winston-Salem,NC). I was very impressed with Andy Dalton and I still am. He’s a leader, he’s got poise, a presence, and he doesn’t get rattled. I am looking forward to seeing how he does against the Steelers and Ravens at PBS and at their stadiums. As far as the schedule, I’m sure the opening schedule helped, but two things: We beat a red hot Bills team that we had not beaten since ’88. In the so called light games, we still won them by not crumbling if something bad happened. I’ve watched some older Bengal teams that should have won but didn’t. Mike Brown gets a bad rap, but it is at his own hand. Dave Shula??? His record of 119-206-1 since 1991. Before Marvin Lewis his record was 55-137-0. That will bring a lot of heartache from the fans. In a lot of cases, I think he was just unlucky. In ’94 they take Big Daddy Wilkinson. In ’95 he trades up in the draft and takes Ki-Jana Carter. Big Daddy and Carter coulda shoulda but didn’t. I could go on and on. I could go on and on about the positives too. Is MB intelligent? I have no doubt that he is. And for the first time in a very long time his stubbornness paid off huge! The whole Palmer trade was so lucky (not for Jason Campbell) and made up for years and years of bad luck. Now it comes down to what they do with those draft picks. Any GM in the league has regrets about that can’t miss pick that missed badly. Sometimes you just get lucky. Sometimes you pick the right one, but injuries end it. I really like this current Bengals team. I like how they fight for wins. One dread that I have is that our next home game is against the Steelers. My fear is that the fans have already sold their tickets and that the Bengals will see more yellow and black in the stands rather than orange and black.