Happy Holidaze from Axion

By: | Monday, December 6, 2010 //

Happy Holidaze from Axion from axion footwear on Vimeo.

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  • Ken

    Did some more research, re-read our post and your cnmemots as promised.We’ll accept your claim that you aren’t intentionally trying to scam anyone, Tony. And you’re right, you don’t claim anyone can make a living doing surveys. Indeed, you make it clear that it you do it just for fun to make a little pocket money. So we owe you an apology for indicating otherwise. We’ll add an update to the post itself saying as much.That said, we still feel that many, if not most, of the sites you recommend are not legitimate money-making opportunities, and many really are scams. That’s not a surprise unless you’re very, very careful selecting them. Our own and other studies have shown that 97% of the work-at-home listings on the web are rip-offs.Looking at just the first few of your listings under Data Entry, we find Axion, but (as we said in the original post) they don’t hire people through web ads. So that’s not a scam, per se; but it certainly isn’t a job opportunity.You agreed with us that Connect-plus is not legitimate. As of this writing you haven’t removed them although you said you would, but we’ll just assume that’s an oversight and you’ll correct it.Then there’s Cyber Services, Inc . . . but that link doesn’t go anywhere. Maybe the site is just off the air? Anyway, no jobs there.Next you list eCallogy, but if you go to their site you’ll find you have to pay $20 an hour for product training, and they offer no call center or operator training. All the good call-service companies we know and we’ve interviewed honchos at several for our forthcoming book all pay you for product training.So, while we applaud your effort to make finding work home from jobs easier to find, it looks to us like you have some work to do! If there’s any way we can help, let us know.