Jake Johnson on Bones Bearings

By: | Wednesday, November 10, 2010 //

“Bones Bearings is proud to announce Jake Johnson to the team. Jake is an underground ripper from the East Coast and only until the Alien Workshop video, Mindfield, dropped was the rest of the world able to see his talent on the board. Power, style and creativity are all good words to sum up Jake

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  • TJ Barnhart

    Grew up wit jake he always made his name skateboarding media shows hes gonna be huge. Thanks for the gear homie! TJ

  • Eli

    Hey Jake. You were at woodward week 7,2011. I was the kid that you came up to that Friday night that won the LRG advanced contest. You gave me those orange OJ wheels. and said i was shredding. That ment a lot to me and I want to say thank you. I was also wondering if there was anyway you could help me out a little with getting sponsored or something along those lines. Thanks again!