Lee Bender Seeks Alternative Treatment For MS

By: | Thursday, June 10, 2010 //

From SkateDaily.net:

Imagine if you woke up one morning and literally couldn

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    It was sad hearing this news about a skateboarder. I hope that in time Lee will recover and show more of his skateboarding tricks which will inspire people.

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  • doomstation55

    I too am a skateboarder who was diagnosed with MS, its a weird disease because it differs from person to person and may or may not completely affect your life. I have yet to experience serious symptoms, but there have been month long spans where my foot will become numb, I’ll lose all balance (i suck at manuals now in general… bummer), and I just have trouble with other things in life in general… Lee bender used to be in local Chi town vids (rise skateshop) and I know his life is not easy so any support towards not only him but MS is greatly apprecciated…. You never know when ur life will change

  • sunshine

    A positive outlook, good meds and a healthy lifestyle along with prayer and support from family and friends will always help. good luck and god speed to lee and doom <3

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