The Truth About Leo Romero

By: | Friday, December 9, 2005 //

So there’s some talk on the streets about a new sponsor?

Ummm, when is this coming out?

It’s a website, so, like, tomorrow. ?

Oh well, most people know by now, I ride for Baker.

How did that come about? ?

I’ve always been psyched on Andrew Reynolds, and I’ve been skating with all those guys, I mean, I pretty much have a lot of good friends that ride for Baker, so it was just kind of a matter of time before it happened.

And you live in the new Emerica house, so you’re around the whole crew a lot. ?


How’s the Emerica house looking right now? ?

It’s fucking nailing it. I love it.

Who lives there? ?
Heath Kirchart, Kevin Long, Jon Minor and his awesome girlfriend Sara, and me. There’s a guest room too, but nobody’s there right now. We all pay a little bit of rent. I pay 500, but I got my own bathroom and my own little office. I have a little balcony too, I can stare at the flat bar in the driveway.

I saw you have a little dark room setup in your bathroom also, how would you describe your photography?

Describe my photos? They bum people out! Just photos of everything I do in my life. It gets kind of crazy sometimes; I’ve had people want to break Jack Daniels bottles over my head. Parties and crazy situations. I have a show at some gallery in San Diego, during the ASR show; it’s a RVCA thing.

What’s up with your black eye situation?

Ahh man.

Come on, hot message board topic.


Yeah, message boards claim you either tried to backside noseblunt E Torro or got jumped by gangsters.

Ummm, basically I was at this bar one night, and you know that Mexican guy that’s in all those Desperado Movies and gangster movies?

The guy you have a photo of? (Actor Danny Trejo)

Yeah, well we were at this bar and I took his photo and he got all mad. But we started talking and I was like, “I’m sorry” and he was like, “It’s all right, I’m just going to punch you.” So he socked me in the eye. And after he punches me I was just like, “What the fuck? I thought you were a gangster?” So he punched me again in the other eye.

I thought you just got crazy at some party and punched yourself in eyes?

Yeah, but that story is better.

Awesome. We talked once about how you felt having certain sponsors that aren’t part of skateboarding are kind of stupid.

Well some of them are stupid.

So if someone offered a lot of cash to put you on a soup can, would you do it?

Depends how old I was and how my skateboarding career was going. Some things seem kind of cheesy, but I guess everyone has to pay their bills. I’m not dissing anybody, I just think if I did something that it would be jacked. All those corporations, like soda, companies, it seems like those companies just want to make money off of skateboarding, they don’t care about it. It seems like some people don’t have real skateboard sponsors, but they can get sponsored by Target or something, it’s weird.

So what do you got going on in you “skate career” future.

I got a shoe coming out.

Really? You been doing the designs all ready?

I already have some in my trunk, been skating in them. They’re thinner than the Reynolds Threes. Just a simple, pure, skate shoe. There’s like three stripes on it, one color way comes with a Mexican flag on it, so they’re cool. They’re droppin’ in the back to school season.

Damn, anything else?

That and working on the Emerica video. We’re just now really getting in the swing of things, been going out skating a lot. Going to have a lot of trips lined up.

When you get a video part going do you actually try and plan out what you want to do or just wing it?

I try to plan things, but it never works out. Just skate as much as possible and see what happens.

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