Leo Loves Mexico

By: | Wednesday, May 31, 2006 //

Leo Loves Mexico

Leo Romero wanted to throw a party in Tijuana to celebrate the release of his first-ever pro model shoe on Emerica, but to avoid any possible trouble with immigration, we decided to keep him on this side of the border and bring Mexico to him.

Ponchos and Cervezas was a wild fiesta filled with sombreros, Coronas and tacos as far as the eye could see. Industry pinchs and panochs along with mobs of skateboard amigo’s attended this once in a life time fiesta. A crazy night was had by all, and it would have been a never-ending party, but someone decided to yell “La migra!” at 4:00 a.m. and everyone scattered!

Hailing from the cow-infested town of Fontucky, California, Leo fought against a fate of milking cows for the rest of his life by picking up skateboarding instead. With his dedication to killing the streets with a switchblade style of skateboarding, Leo has gained what most people could never imagine having themselves: his own pro model shoe. Congratulations, hombre! The Leo pro model shoe by Emerica hits stores 6/6/06!

Clockwise from the top left: Leo rips down the last Piata that talked shit on him. Next: Leo, Atiba and Regan, seize the moment. Next: Piatas were meant to be broken. Next: Spanky loves Cholas. Next: Braydon found a new hot chick! Next: Undercover booze mission!

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