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  • Ol’Dirty

    Gab was always an inspiration. When he got the ender in Paco that sealed his legend status.

  • mark Roberts

    The 101 promo with the black sabbath paranoid tune was a massive influence on me i still have that on vhs! his paco part! anything fakie 5.0 is awesome and gabriel did that stuff really well! i hope things start getting better for him real soon :)

  • chepesent

    Gabriel Rodriguez was a special source of inspiration and pride for Latin American skaters. Homie had his way of skating things, unique and fresh. Gracias Gabriel!

  • Carlos Juarez

    Gabe, Here for you homie.

  • Alejandro Santiago

    I meet him many years ago, we did a small interview back in the day at the the old location of Brooklyn House Projects. One of the greatest skaters and friend I ever had a chance to meet.Props old Amigo..

  • Teo

    “exclusive interview”.. you guys got it spelled wrong…or that’s “your way”‘?

  • Christian Senrud

    yeah good call. derrrp

  • Christian Senrud

    Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Howardhemtem

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