Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010 Finals Results

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Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010 Finals Results

Chris Cole collects another massive check from the Maloof’s Sunday, check below for the rest of the results:


Cole with a beastly switch tre

Cole with a beastly switch tre

1. Chris Cole $100,000
2. Paul Rodriguez $40,000
3. Torey Pudwill $25,000
4. Bastien Salabanzi $15,000
5. Sean Malto $6,000
6. Sierra Fellers $5,000
7. Ryan Decenzo $4,000
8. Peter Ramondetta $3,000
9. Greg Lutzka $2,500
10. David Gonzalez $2,000
11. Keegan Sauder $1,500
12. Caswell Berry $1,200

1. Felipe Gustavo $1,000
2. Tom Asta $400
3. Gilbert Crockett $300

Torey Pudwill $10,000 Kickflip Backside Lipslide to Backside Tailslide on the pyramid ledges.

Exlusive video from the event here:


Mehring’s photo gallery from the weekend:


Part two of the weekend photo gallery:


See some photos from Saturday here:


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  • Valtteri Korpela

    I think Ryan Sheckler should have won!!! God dammit i am sad right now!!!!!!

    Aargh Ryan schecks i love youuuu!!! grrr aaaargh

  • skater chris

    dude shecks is a tool, he’s good at big trick but when it comes to contests like these he dies cause he don’t have that much tech under his belt thats why p rod and cole are always top 5 in everything they skate cause they’re all rounded good skaters. Shecks is just a washed up crybaby, too much crying makes it hard to skate lol

  • Hannah

    bro ryan sheckler wasnt even at Maloof this year…

  • Lorene

    Frnakly I think that’s absolutely good stuff.

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