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05.28.2013 //

Check out our second installment of Boys’ World. This Spring season has a lot to offer.


How Much Do Pro Skaters Make?

03.11.2003 //

Posted: 2003. Next time the parents bitch at you about wasting time on a skateboard, tell them to hold up for a second. Unless they’re transplanting hearts or running Microsoft, pro skateoarders might just be raking in more cash than their blue-collar asses. It’s big pimpin’ time in 2000 for plenty of your favorite pros, […]


Skateboarder Magazine’s New Balance Numeric Sneak Peak Photos

01.03.2013 //

Check out these photos of the much anticipated line of New Balance Numeric skate shoes that will be produced through Jamie Thomas’ Black Box Distribution.

Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 7.02.12 AM

Amazon: Episode Nine- Final Episode

03.07.2011 //

Episode Nine: End of the River- Final Episode


Harley-Davidson Blackline Test Ride Video & Photos

04.20.2011 //

Jamie Thomas, Ben Gilley and Slash got to test ride the new Blackline before it hit the streets. Check this behind the scenes video and photos.


What’s The Story With Nick Dompierre

02.06.2013 //

Check out Skateboarder’s new video segment called ‘What’s The Story’. This first segment features Nick Dompierre explaining why he dropped completely out of sight from the skate industry over a year ago after breaking his neck. His stories are insane so you don’t want to miss this. We’re glad Nick is doing better and back on his board. The man is a beast!


Skateboarder’s “Straight to the Internet” with Ryan Sheckler

04.20.2011 //

Ryan Sheckler rips up the San Clemente park with special guest Yaje Popson, Stevie Perez and Cyril Jackson


60 Seconds: Josh Kalis

11.16.2005 //

Three things keeping you in Michigan? My house, my daughter and my wife. Last time you paid a ticket? Speeding, three weeks ago. It was a big one, but the cop gave me a break and it ended up not being so bad. What music got you psyched in the Toy Machine days, and what […]

Hollenbeck Skate Jam No Image

Hollenbeck Skate Jam

04.20.2010 //

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Behind The Scenes: Video Days Reunion Shoot

01.18.2011 //

See all 3 parts here!


16 things: Gonz

10.12.2005 //

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Mark Gonzales words: Kevin Craft photo: Bryce Kanights 1. Mark Gonzales’ first sponsor was Alva, but he didn’t ride for the company very long before turning pro for Vision at 16. When asked why he chose Vision, Mark explains, “I liked those animal-print boards. They had the zebra skin, […]


Skateboarder’s Private Sessions: Guy Mariano & Friends

12.29.2011 //

Skateboarder’s Private Sessions with Guy Mariano & Friends featuring: Alex Olson, Mike Carroll, Elijah Berle, Enrique Lorenzo, Justin Eldridge, Kelly Hart, David Loy, Mikey Taylor, Chris Roberts, Shane Heyl and Vincent Alvarez. Merry Christmas Motherfuckers!

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