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DAILY FILM BLOG | 06.10.2010

06.10.2010 //



Etnies Goofy Vs Regular

09.04.2008 //

The fifth annual etnies GvR skateboarding contest will be October 2-5, 2008 at the etnies’ Skatepark of Lake Forest. For those of you who the series is currently tied up – Goofy: 2 – Regular: 2. Lake Forest, Calif. (August 27, 2008) – Legendary punk rock band, Bad Religion, will take the stage at etnies’ […]

Tony Silva Off Stereo No Image

Tony Silva Off Stereo

08.12.2008 //

Hello from Stereo, Tony Silva and Stereo have officially parted ways as of July 24th. Tony is a great skateboarder and an amazing person. We wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors, as he will always remain a friend of the Stereo Sound Agency. Thank you. Latest news tells us […]


Russ Pope | Artist Interview

01.23.2009 //

Interviewed by Skateboarder Magazine Web Editor, Matt Bauer Some artist


Skate Anatomy: Frank Gerwer

07.25.2006 //

Frank Gerwer Left side Crushed foot: “I was riding down the street on my bike, and this dude made a turn and ran right into me. My left foot got crushed between the crank and the bumper of his car. It just crushed my foot sideways, and bruised the top of it. The guy tried […]


vans catch the bus tour

03.28.2008 //

The Vans crew will be hitting the road in the new bus for the entire month of April. We will be stopping at select retailers around the country to warm things up for summer. Vans skate team rider and legend, Tony Alva, will make an appearance in Texas and Florida. There will be give-a-ways, food […]


The Tuesday 25 with Danny Scher

05.28.2013 //

Long time Oceanside ripper Danny Scher handles this week’s Tuesday 25.


Skate Anatomy: Bobby Puleo

07.24.2006 //

Bobby Puleo Left Side Broken ring and pinky fingers: “Skating a backyard miniramp, trying to stalefish grab over a channel, somehow I managed to land on the flat with my bodyweight crushing the non-grabbing hand, resulting in my two fingers pointing in the opposite direction. I remember the doctor shot me with Novocain between the […]


Insight Skate

03.28.2007 //

::INSIGHT has deep surf history, but we’ve always been down with SKATE. The promise of eternal happiness and a colorful future has led the following human beings to lend their skating abilities and join forces with ::INSIGHT, thus creating a small, tightly knit family of absolute SHRED!… Jose Rojo, Brian Brown, Daniel Shimizu and Justin […]


Daily Film Blog 01.03.2012 David Reyes and Abdias Rivera

01.03.2013 //

A couple of film flicks from a random mission to LA with David Reyes and Abdias Rivera. Enjoy.


Owens Photo: Chris Haslam 2004

02.20.2013 //

Jaime Owens digs up some stills of Chris Haslam’s Either-Or page in Skateboarder from 2004. Check out the photos and a classic Haslam video part.


adidas bumps Vince del Valle and Lem Villemin up

09.07.2007 //

Portland, OR