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Question Authority | Tony Cervantes

07.20.2009 //

Dear Tony, You


Haunts | Billy Marks' Corona, CA

07.21.2009 //

1.Santa Ana Park This is the warm up/meet up spot. It is slippery and some of the kids suck at life, but it is still fun. 2. Doghouse It is a nice doghouse, but if I

Etnies Southern Comforts Video No Image

Etnies Southern Comforts Video

08.24.2009 //

A little trip down south with Sean Malto, Mikey Taylor, Kyle Leeper, Jose Rojo, and Tyler Bledsoe.

New Emerica Goods No Image

New Emerica Goods

06.09.2010 //

Shoes and Gear updates for this season.

Strange Notes: Lutzka No Image

Strange Notes: Lutzka

04.07.2006 //

Strange Notes caught up with Greg Lutzka, and caught some bangers, lines and axe shredding in the process.


Hoodlum Tour

06.29.2006 //

Hoodlum skateboards will be touring the northeast from July 3 to July 16th. Malcolm Watson, Dan Zvereff, Pete Panciera, Matt Fenell, Hurvey Haskins, Jeff Burke, Mike Boudreau, and Justin Hogan will be on the trip along with visiting special guests Dave Bachinsky, Josh Perkins, Manny Santiago, and Alex Gourdouros


Haslam Wins 411 Versus

08.09.2006 //


Third Annual GvR

09.26.2006 //

The Score is Tied One-to-One as etnies Presents the Third Annual GvR! Here’s the best of the 2006′ GVR Results Qualifier Finals I Finals II Bowl Finals September 25, 2006 (Lake Forest, CA)


Volcom Team Update

02.07.2007 //

Related Links: Volcom Gallery Acid Drop Video


Cross Memorial

03.09.2007 //

Blitz has put together an online condolence book so everyone can leave comments and thoughts for Shane Cross’ family and friends. Messages of sympathy and kind words are appreciated. ALI BOULALA UPDATE & COMMENTS Due to the many unfounded rumors circling the skateboard world at the moment we are issuing this statement to hopefully end […]


Bacon Tour

08.28.2007 //

Pfanner added to Anti Hero No Image

Pfanner added to Anti Hero

03.06.2008 //

Chris Pfanner has officially been added to the Anti Hero squad. Pfanner is an Austrian ripper who also rides for Vans, Thunder, Spitfire, and Volcom among others. You know there’s something to him if the guys at Anti Hero give him the thumbs up. Click here for a video of Chris courtesy of DLXSF