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Rune Glifberg off Etnies

12.31.2008 //

“This, indeed, is one of those updates where we have to wish farewell to a long-time friend and an amazing skateboarder. Rune Glifberg is pursuing new opportunities in the footwear world and we will certainly miss him. Rune’s skating is nothing short of incredible. He’s been with etnies longer than any other rider on the […]

Creature adds new pro No Image

Creature adds new pro

03.11.2008 //

Creature has given the go ahead to turn the loveable gap toothed Scottsmen, Stu Graham, Pro. Stu Graham’s outstanding part from Osiris’ Feed the Need testifies what Stu’s capable of, so only time will tell what he’ll be able to bang out now that he’s riding his own pro board.



10.12.2007 //

Birdhouse Team Signing Featuring: Brian Sumner, Matt Ball, Sean Eaton, Willy Santos, Steve Nesser, Justin Figueroa, David Loy and more! Tuesday, October 16th at 8pm Active Brea 1160 Imperial Ave. Brea, CA 92821 714.256.8516


Police Brutallity?

03.30.2007 //

During a downtown session in Charleston S.Carolina, Corey Dowd came in contact with the long arm of the law, literally. After posting the clip of the incident on the internet, he was invited to be on Good morning America. Once on tv, rather than blaming the cop he was able to turn his case of […]


Creature Limited

03.12.2007 //

Navs gets an update care of Jason Jesse and Whaley gets hesh with the rest of the Creatures.


Crimson Cruisers

01.10.2007 //

North Shore Bowl Jam 2006 – pre-event video 2 No Image

North Shore Bowl Jam 2006 – pre-event video 2

11.30.2006 //

Rodrigo TX Extremely Sorry Trailer No Image

Rodrigo TX Extremely Sorry Trailer

02.17.2010 //


Andrew Pott Turns Pro For Citystars

07.06.2009 //

Citystars Skateboards Official Press Release Citystars is proud to announce that Andrew Pott is now officially pro. He is the first addition to the professional ranks at Citystars for 2009. Andrew has been holding his own for several years now and has continuously progressed and impressed with his skills on a board. We believe that […]


Jereme Holmes Hype "Believe" Promo Part

03.25.2009 //

For more head to HYPE.


Skatepark of Tampa/Brixton Party Team Hat

08.27.2008 //

X Games 14 Street Results No Image

X Games 14 Street Results

08.04.2008 //

Final Results Womens Street 1. Elissa Steamer 2. Marisa Del Santos 3. Amy Caron 4. Rachel Reinhard 5. Leticia Bufoni 6. Vanessa Torres 8. Evelien Bouilliart 9. Lorena Lima 10. Sophie Poppe Mens Street 1. Ryan Sheckler 2. Paul Rodriguez 3. Greg Lutzka 4. Chris Cole 5. Rodolfo Ramos 6. Jereme Rogers Click Here for […]