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Dressen Memory Screened Video No Image

Dressen Memory Screened Video

12.02.2009 //

Check out Eric Dressen’s Memory Screened video of his favorite pro model
decks from our January 2010 issue out now. Featuring video footage from
Eric’s Speed Freaks part courtesy of Santa Cruz.


Sheckler handicapped

07.10.2008 //

SHECKLER BREAKS HIS ELBOW Professional Skateboarder and Reality TV Star, Ryan Sheckler, has broken his arm just 4 days before the richest contest skateboarding has ever seen. Sheckler was favored by many for the $100,000 first place prize. According to our source, Ryan’s elbow has “been dislocating really easy and today they couldn’t get it […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.25.2009

09.25.2009 //

PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY Skate Photos!!!Posted by John Bradford Some people have left comments saying “wheres the skating”, or “get some skate content on here”… And while, this is more of a photography blog than a “skate blog”, it is on the Skateboarder Magazine site, so, I hear you… Today i thought I’d put some […]


Daily Film Blog 06.18.2012 Daryl takes a bath

06.18.2012 //

Monday Retro Post with Daryl Angel

Hot Chicks with Skateboards No Image

Hot Chicks with Skateboards

06.29.2010 //

Mall grabs and longboards galore, but what can you really do right?


DAILY FILM BLOG | 07.23.2010

07.23.2010 //



DAILY FILM BLOG | 09.16.2009

09.16.2009 //

Flip’s Louie Lopez.Posted by John Bradford The new Flip video, Extremely Sorry, premiers tonight in Anaheim so I thought I’d put up these photos of Louie Lopez from the day I met him. PREVIOUS ENTRY NEXT ENTRY


Download The DGK Mixtapes Now

01.09.2009 //

The DGK Podcast has been updated with the new DGK & Don Cannon Mixtape “Skate Property”, as well as the DGK Invasion Mixtape. Head to the DGK site to download now! DGK


Converse Rune Glifberg Shoe Release Party

06.14.2010 //

Photos: Jaime Owens Converse hooked it up for Rune Glifberg’s Pro shoe party at the Legendary Pink Motel. Free drinks, BBQ and a resurfaced pool meant it was time to do some serious partying and skating. Everyone from Steve Salba to Curren Caples was there hanging out and having a great time.


Shane O’Neill Announces The Winner of His Emulator Trick

06.03.2012 //

Shane O’Neill announces the winner of his nollie flip nosegrind Emulator trick. Check out his trick and winner Stephen Moulding’s winning clip inside the post.


Mehring’s Bearings: Habitat New Mexico Part 2 of 2.

03.20.2013 //

Sometime in 2003 I went on a road trip across Arizona and New Mexico with Fred Gall, Ed Selego, Rob Pluhowski, Sperm, and Lou Metal. The following is the second part of our trip.


Plan B has Jereme

07.26.2007 //

. . .