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Dustin Dollin Starts PD Distribution

10.10.2008 //

Dustin Dollin and PD Distribution are going to be distributing Deathwish, Baker, Death, and Consolidated over in Australia. Help them out and buy some gear. Go to PD Distribution and buy some stuff.


Mehring’s Bearings: Habitat New Mexico Part 2 of 2.

03.20.2013 //

Sometime in 2003 I went on a road trip across Arizona and New Mexico with Fred Gall, Ed Selego, Rob Pluhowski, Sperm, and Lou Metal. The following is the second part of our trip.


Skate Anatomy: Mark Appleyard

07.25.2006 //

Mark Appleyard Left side Fractured Arm: “I tried to drop in on my butt down a playground slide with one of those whoopity-woos at the end. I launched off the end, landed with my left arm underneath me and fractured it. I was with a girl. I didn’t feel too cool. I was 14 or […]


Shane O’Neill Announces The Winner of His Emulator Trick

06.03.2012 //

Shane O’Neill announces the winner of his nollie flip nosegrind Emulator trick. Check out his trick and winner Stephen Moulding’s winning clip inside the post.


Benji Galloway

02.02.2007 //

Where are you from? North Augusta, South Carolina What was it like growing up in the South? Sweet Tea, Pine Trees and church on Sundays.and on Wednesdays. We had bible study at my house. Who were the guys that you grew up skating with? Joel Mealing, Mike Greer, Brian Howard and Anthony furlong Where do […]


Skate Anatomy: Tony Hawk

07.25.2006 //

Tony Hawk CENTER: Teeth knocked out three times “The first time was at Del Mar in the halfpipe. I stuck on a 50-50 and fell forward. I woke up later in the pro shop. Both teeth were broken off—all that was left were tiny nubs. It looked like a bullet went through the middle of […]


DAILY FILM BLOG | 05.18.2010

05.18.2010 //



Plan B has Jereme

07.26.2007 //

. . .


ZOO YORK "State of Mind" Premiere Tour

06.16.2009 //

The West Coast leg of the ZOO YORK “State of Mind” Premiere Tour kick’s off on Wednesday night in San Francisco followed by stops in San Diego and Los Angeles. San Francisco: Wednesday, June 17th @ 10pm With FTC Skate Shop Milk Bar 1840 Haight St. SF, CA 21+ Drink Specials and Free Beer San […]


My Name Is Reda

05.15.2009 //

Feast your eyes on this acting talent. Scouts, Agents and Managers take note of the raw talent Reda possesses both in front of and behind the less. Oh the irony of a non-drinker playing a bar tender. Wednesdays with RedaDVS SHOES


Exclusive Interview | Zach Wagner

09.15.2008 //

Interview by: Christian Senrud Tell us a little about yourself. Your sponsors, age, where you live? I’m 21 years old. I skate for the stereo sound agency, hi fi wheels, Ezekiel clothing, and I get shoes for Lakai. I currently live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Are you still living with your parents? Yeah, […]


The Tuesday 25 with Antonius “Toad” Dintcho

03.19.2013 //

Blood Wizard Skateboards owner Antonius “Toad” Dintcho handles this week’s Tuesday 25. Click through some some Q&A about growing up with Cardiel, Burnside and much more.