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Mehring’s Bearings: Habitat New Mexico Part 2 of 2.

03.20.2013 //

Sometime in 2003 I went on a road trip across Arizona and New Mexico with Fred Gall, Ed Selego, Rob Pluhowski, Sperm, and Lou Metal. The following is the second part of our trip.



11.15.2011 //

A couple of Austyn Gillette photos this week…


Benji Galloway

02.02.2007 //

Where are you from? North Augusta, South Carolina What was it like growing up in the South? Sweet Tea, Pine Trees and church on Sundays.and on Wednesdays. We had bible study at my house. Who were the guys that you grew up skating with? Joel Mealing, Mike Greer, Brian Howard and Anthony furlong Where do […]

Lee Bender Seeks Alternative Treatment For MS No Image

Lee Bender Seeks Alternative Treatment For MS

06.10.2010 //

From Imagine if you woke up one morning and literally couldn


asmith photos: Ray Maldonado

06.08.2012 //

Aaron Smith brings you a few sequences of Ray Maldonado in this week’s blog post.


Staff Pick: Adidas Puig Pro

11.27.2012 //

Our Associate Editor got to try out a pair of Lucas Puig’s pro-model on Adidas. Find out what he had to say about it here.

Not Available on DVD Video Clip No Image

Not Available on DVD Video Clip

06.24.2009 //

Not Available on DVD Video Clip featuring: Benny Fairfax, Clint Peterson, Danny Brady and Paul Shier.


Lost and Found | Steven Cales

07.22.2009 //

Sunset Park is not only a rough area in Brooklyn, it


Exclusive Interview | Zach Wagner

09.15.2008 //

Interview by: Christian Senrud Tell us a little about yourself. Your sponsors, age, where you live? I’m 21 years old. I skate for the stereo sound agency, hi fi wheels, Ezekiel clothing, and I get shoes for Lakai. I currently live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Are you still living with your parents? Yeah, […]


Dustin Dollin Starts PD Distribution

10.10.2008 //

Dustin Dollin and PD Distribution are going to be distributing Deathwish, Baker, Death, and Consolidated over in Australia. Help them out and buy some gear. Go to PD Distribution and buy some stuff.


Element Sponsors Made For Skate Book

02.06.2009 //

Element is proud to be a main sponsor of the most comprehensive book dedicated to the History of Skateboard shoes. Made of Skate, an illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear, tells the tale behind the shoes that carried skateboarding through its colourful history.

New Product and Threat from Zero Skateboards No Image

New Product and Threat from Zero Skateboards

09.15.2010 //

Newest product out of Zero including Threat, a price point brand for boarders on a budget.