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Face Off | Scott Decenzo vs Ryan Decenzo

01.13.2010 //

Name one of XYZ Clothing


DVS's Torey Pudwill Goes Pro

08.12.2008 //

Lee Bender Seeks Alternative Treatment For MS No Image

Lee Bender Seeks Alternative Treatment For MS

06.10.2010 //

From Imagine if you woke up one morning and literally couldn


True Skateboard Shop Online

09.25.2008 //

Go to True Skateboard Shop to get all your skate supplies.


December / January 2013 Issue

11.26.2012 //

Check out the new Dec/Jan 2013 cover with Raven Tershy and all the stories that will be inside featuring Eric Koston, Theotis Beasley, Leo Romero, Collin Provost, Spencer Hamilton, Neen Williams, Marc Johnson, Guy Mariano and more.

New Product and Threat from Zero Skateboards No Image

New Product and Threat from Zero Skateboards

09.15.2010 //

Newest product out of Zero including Threat, a price point brand for boarders on a budget.


Ronson Lambert Exclusive Interview

05.04.2010 //

Photos: Chris Ortiz Interview: Chris Nieratko Though he may not look like it, Ronson is a wizard. On his board, it’s a little more obvious with his magical combo tricks on ledges and rails, but he somehow manages to transfer those powers into his life when he’s not skateboarding. Like picking up chicks. Ronson’s sorcery […]


asmith photos: Ray Maldonado

06.08.2012 //

Aaron Smith brings you a few sequences of Ray Maldonado in this week’s blog post.


Daily Film Blog 11.15.2012 Chad Tim Tim

11.15.2012 //

Chad Tim Tim graces discontinued 6×6 emulsion.

Quick ollie up ledge to frontside flip

Skateboarder Magazine Dec/Jan 2012/13 – Countdown to Sweetness

05.13.2013 //

Days before Pretty Sweet premiered, our editor Jaime Owens caught up with the crew to dig inside their brains.


Tony Hawk All 80s All Day Vert Challenge

12.12.2008 //

(Huntington Beach, CA), December 11, 2008 — In the loudest and most outrageous fashion, Quiksilver skateboarder Tony Hawk along with 20 of the most iconic vert skateboarders of all-time rolled into Quiksilver Headquarters Saturday, December 6, for a single-day skate challenge presented by Quiksilver and The


Interview | Lance Mountain

07.21.2008 //

Lance Mountain Interview Words and Photos: Jaime Owens Lance Mountain is one of my all-time favorites, and he grew up during the heyday of SKATEBOARDER Magazine in the late ’70s, so I wanted to get his take on the history of the magazine. I wanted to know what the mag meant to him then and […]