Future Contest Results

04.03.2007 //

Last weekend, the 3rd contest in the Elemental Awareness/Element Future Nature Am Series went down in Simi Valley, CA at Skatelab. Guest judge and Element Team Rider Mike Barker left no room for sketchy skating. That didn


Theotis on Altamont

04.03.2007 //

Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Kenny Hoyle and Sammy Baca are pleased to welcome Theotis Beasley to Altamont’s growing list of contributors.


Cold Hard Truth

04.02.2007 //

Mason Huggins – Checking for leaks in the roof at Marginal Way in Washington.Photo-Bunker For the last ten years the Northwest has been a destination for skateboarders in search of the world


City OF Dogs

03.30.2007 //

Daewon Song , Zerred Bassett, Torey Pudwill Chico Brenes, head south to Brazil to spread the word of Skateboarding.

Hawk Session No Image

Hawk Session

03.30.2007 //

Shaun White gets back on the board after a busy winter, while Rob Lorifice and PLG flirt with the gaping hole in the ramp.


Police Brutallity?

03.30.2007 //

During a downtown session in Charleston S.Carolina, Corey Dowd came in contact with the long arm of the law, literally. After posting the clip of the incident on the internet, he was invited to be on Good morning America. Once on tv, rather than blaming the cop he was able to turn his case of […]

F'east On Fuel No Image

F'east On Fuel

03.30.2007 //

The F’east makes its’ way to Fuel TV. Here’s a first look.


Bacca on Altamont

03.29.2007 //

Altamont Embrace Diversity 2 of 4 Sammy Baca Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman and Kenny Hoyle are pleased to welcome Vegas native Sammy Baca to Altamont’s growing list of contributors. For those blessed to witness Sammy’s search and destroy skate attack firsthand, you know he’s the real thing. For those who haven’t, get ready his fury […]

Checkin' In with Haslam No Image

Checkin' In with Haslam

03.28.2007 //

Chris Haslam gets wild in this “Checkin’ In” clip from Starange Notes


Congratulations to Roger Harrell

03.28.2007 //

We would like to send our most sincere congratulations to The Harrell’s on their newest addition to the family. They welcomed an 8lbs baby boy into the world this morning. Roger Harrell is the Publisher of Skateboarder Magazine and a life long pool shark.


Insight Skate

03.28.2007 //

::INSIGHT has deep surf history, but we’ve always been down with SKATE. The promise of eternal happiness and a colorful future has led the following human beings to lend their skating abilities and join forces with ::INSIGHT, thus creating a small, tightly knit family of absolute SHRED!… Jose Rojo, Brian Brown, Daniel Shimizu and Justin […]


Hoyle On Altamont

03.27.2007 //

Altamont Embrace Diversity 1 of 4 Kenny Hoyle Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman are pleased to welcome Kenny Hoyle to Altamont